Its not just a mustard 0

After losing her only child, Kisa Gotami became desperate and asked if anyone can help her. Her sorrow was so great that many thought she had already lost her mind. An old man told her to meet Buddha. Buddha told her that before he could bring the child back to life, she should find white mustard seeds from a family where no one had died. She desperately went from house to house, but to her disappointment, she could not find a house that had not suffered the death of a family member. Finally the realization struck her that there is no house free from mortality. She returned to the Buddha, who comforted her and preached to her the truth. She was awakened and entered the first stage of Arhatship. 

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Food culture in India 0


Did you know, the food culture in India is as diverse as its demography, languages, culture... And has evolved over 8000 years. 


Every cuisine is unique in its own way. 
This diversity unites India under one umbrella and that is the taste! 


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Story of steamed food 0

Steamed food is integral part of Indian cuisine, particularly in high rainfall areas like western ghat belt, north eastern zone. Also rice is the staple diet here. One reason ...


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It is not just a stone 0

I picked up this stone from the Nandini River, 30 years ago! Yes you heard it right, it’s the same year when my son was born. Me and my mom were walking along the shore to get a ‘perfect’ stone..............

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Birthday of Mother Earth aka Bhumi Hunnime 0

This is an interesting traditional festival. It’s called Bhumi(Earth) Hunnime(full moon). It is mostly celebrated South India, that too in western ghat sections of Karnataka, in and around Sringeri. It’s something like the birthday of mother Earth. Mixed curry of 108 variety of herbs is the speciality of this day. Yes you heard it right, its 108 types of herbs at the minimum!

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