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Steamed food is integral part of Indian cuisine, particularly in high rainfall areas like western ghat belt, north eastern zone. Also rice is the staple diet here. One reason could be the abundant water availability and paddy crop requires lot of water.

The above shown utensil is one such steam cooker but it is different from present day cooker. It doesn’t have any whistle or gasket. It just holds enough pressure to cook the food inside. It may not be as efficient as the modern cooker but the food steamed here tastes better.

In kannada it’s called ‘Seragolu’, It has 2 chambers separated by a perforated plate. By the way it is generally made of Aluminium. The bottom chamber is filled with water and the food to be steamed is kept in the top chamber. These are usually cooked on firewood. The excess steam escapes via tiny gaps in the fitting. Another example how a manufacturing constrain is used as an advantage!

As said earlier, these are very old designs. You don’t find them now, nobody manufactures them. If you have one with you, please don’t scrap it. It is unique.

In the coming posts, let’s talk about those super yummy food varieties cooked using this unique cookware.

If you have anything similar to share, please write to us. Let’s celebrate food culture as it unites people and is doing it since the day we discovered food!  

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