Birthday of Mother Earth aka Bhumi Hunnime 0

This is an interesting traditional festival. It’s called Bhumi(Earth) Hunnime(full moon). It is mostly celebrated South India, that too in western ghat sections of Karnataka, in and around Sringeri. It’s something like the birthday of mother Earth. Mixed curry of 108 variety of herbs is the speciality of this day. Yes you heard it right, its 108 types of herbs at the minimum!

The previous day the mothers and children would hit to the nearby rainforest to collect those, many varieties of herb shoots. The experience would guide them to differentiate between the good one and the poisonous. In the next morning the mothers would get up early and prepare this one of a kind cuisine. Then they would take it to their farm, do a small puja to the farm then the man of the house would pack a small portion of the food along with this unique cuisine in a banana leaf and burries in the farm. Which the folks call as the food for the mother Earth. It may appear funny to many but there exists a deep relationship between the earth and the human. There exists respect.  By the way this unique cuisine is prepared only once in a year. This year it’s celebrated on 16th October.
And yeah one more interesting thing on the following day people observe the day as ‘Bhumi bali’, where throughout the day nobody is supposed to harm the earth. That means no more tilling or digging, because the mother earth is taking rest after a nice meal.

Beautiful and meaningful traditions.

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